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Analyze Cost

  • Get cost saving recommendations
  • Visualize cloud spend
  • Forecast cloud spend (Coming soon)
  • Send cost reports
  • Cost Analytics
    Monitor and Automate

  • Get instant alerts without installing agents
  • Policy driven
  • Out of the box monitoring rules
  • Reporting
  • Automate routine tasks
  • Event-driven SmartTasks
  • Monitoring Automation
    Bill and Integrate

  • Bill for Azure CSP
  • Bill for Office365
  • Bill for AWS Reseller
  • Bill for Google Partner
  • Integrate with your PSA tool
  • Azure CSP AWS Reseller Office365
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    Unigma Video

    Unigma Product Overview Video

    Learn how to use a single pane of glass to manage, bill and cost optimize clouds

    • Earl Follis

      “Unigma takes the idea of multi-cloud management in the right direction, and solves concrete problems IT experiences today – namely, managing performance and cost, and automating multiple public clouds.”

      Earl Follis

      Senior Analyst - SSG-NOW

    • Arra Derderian

      “Unigma helps us organize all of our customer monitoring and provide detailed analysis of their resource usage. The tool helps us predict potential issues with our customer websites while also helping to control costs. It has been a great aid to our business.”

      Arra Derderian

      President - Cloud Construct

    • Alex Ho

      “Unigma has been a great addition to our tools and helped us launch our
      Managed AWS and Azure services. We use it for alerting and it integrates nicely
      with the rest of our toolsets.”

      Alex Ho

      Managing Partner -