AWS and Azure Pricing Down
Monday, January 25th 2016 by Kirill Bensonoff
Good news for many of us – the prices of IaaS services have been dropping like flies! Over the recent past, AWS lead the price wars with a 51st price cut . Microsoft Azure followed suit by dropping prices up to 17% . Google, with its’ Google Compute Engine (GCE) responded that even with all of the recent price, GCE is still less expensive than AWS. They may be right after all, especially if you consider that GCE has outperformed its’ competitors in the past.

That’s great news for IT service providers and companies who are either using of these platforms for themselves or their customers, or thinking about moving their workloads. IaaS, as quickly as servers and storage, has/is becoming a commodity, and unless you’re are in a niche market, the largest player will win the price wars (eventually). AWS is the largest IaaS player today, however, Google has the largest overall market cap at almost $500b. Plus, Google has adopted Moore’s Law as it relates to cutting cloud computing costs, so we should see those decreasing over couple years.

Overall, IaaS prices have fallen by over 60% in the past 2 years, and this is bound to continue. For those that are interested expanding their services into IaaS, we highly recommend partnering with these 3 cloud providers to offer your customers flexibility and choice. And, Unigma can help with cloud monitoring too!
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