DaaS Prediction
Thursday, February 18th 2016 by Kirill Bensonoff
Over the last year or so, cloud service providers have seen a growing demand for hosted services: mobility, hosted multi-tenant file sharing and sync, as well as network-as-a-service offerings. This continues to grow in 2016 with more demand for a complete DaaS approach where hosted virtual workspaces will include apps, desktops, file sharing and mobility.

Demand for DaaS

A 2015 CITRIX survey reveals industry-wide perceptions regarding the direction in which MSP market is expected to move. The data show that CSPs and MSPs expect to move beyond offering standard commodity desktops in the DaaS market. The demand for a rich application layer on top of currently offered virtual hosted workspaces is growing fast.

Naturally, the largest revenue growth in the cloud services segment is expected to come from this area. Therefore, MSPs will have to adapt to this changing environment and enhance their DaaS offerings to cater to vertical markets.

Anticipated revenue growth

According to CITRIX service providers survey, demand for DaaS is steadily growing. As SaaS and IaaS have evolved to a mature market, DaaS has entered a fast-growing phase. DaaS is expected to grow 71% with a projected growth between 16-50% in the coming years. The growth potential is predicted in financial, manufacturing, and healthcare services vertical markets.

Infrastructure choice

MSPs have long focused solely on providing hosted, remotely managed, monitored services on their own datacenters or collocated private cloud infrastructure. However, in 2016, moving away from this model towards leveraging public cloud IaaS offerings like AWS and Azure is prevalent. Such public cloud offerings have seen impressive growth both in the number of players and in the quality of their service.

End note

Seeing the steady demand for DaaS environments from both SMBs and larger organizations, service providers should focus on this market to grow their revenue. If you, as a service provider, don’t yet have a cloud or DaaS strategy, there are partners out there (like Clarity Channel Advisors) who can help you quickly create one. If you are thinking of putting your hosted environment into AWS, Azure or GCE, Unigma will help with cloud monitoring your new infrastructure.

It’s safe to say that DaaS is here to stay, for one simple reason, as quoted by Mike Chase, the Executive VP and CTO of dinCloud, “Servers and desktops have always had symbiotic relationship: as servers went to cloud, it’s just matter of time that desktops will follow suit.”
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