Unigma New Release
Monday, March 14th 2016 by Lynn Zhou
We would like to announce exciting releases for the month of March.

☑ Google Cloud is now fully live!

This means you can quickly add and monitor your customers’ Google Cloud accounts. Being a newer player, they are the most aggressive with pricing, and of course, make a great product. We now support Google Compute Engine, App Engine (web apps), Storage and SQL. Google provides all of their API data in 1 minute time-grain by default, so you if you enable 1 minute API polling, your data will be updated every minute.

📈 AWS Cost Metrics policies are live!

This is our first step towards providing comprehensive cost management services for the “Big 3” public clouds – AWS, Azure and Google cloud. Starting now, you have the ability to monitor and alert on your customer’s AWS costs. Watch a quick tutorial about how to get this set up on our support site.
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