Unigma 1.0
Wednesday, March 16th 2016 by Lynn Zhou
So, Unigma 1.0 is here officially!

Unigma Features:

  • An integrated experience across the platforms that are widely used by MSPs today: ConnectWise, Kaseya and Autotask; and the ability to work their service tickets in a single place;

  • NOC (Network Operation Center) service that can help partners who would like to offer around the clock cloud monitoring but don’t have the resources to do so: it is fully branded to each partner’s identity and works behind the scenes to deliver a lightning fast, 15-minute response to any alerts generated around the clock;

  • Fully integrated Google Cloud! Although a newer player in the public cloud battlefield, Google Cloud is the one with most aggressive pricing. Unigma now supports Google Compute Engine, App Engine (web apps), Storage and SQL. This means the users can quickly add and monitor their customers’ Google Cloud accounts. Google provides API data in 1 minute time-grain by default, and Unigma works seamlessly with their API so users can view their almost-live data from the dashboard, as long as the 1 minute API polling is enabled.

  • AWS Cost Metrics policies are live! Starting now, MSPs now have the ability to monitor and alert on their customers’ AWS costs. And this is the first step towards comprehensive cost management services for the “Big 3” public clouds: AWS, Azure and Google cloud.

Using Unigma To Fuel Your MSP, CSP and VAR Business:

According to Synergy Research Group, Public IaaS cloud services leads the overall cloud segment in annualized revenue growth, with the market leaders Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure growing at over 50% in 2015. Further, as evidenced by the Kaseya MSP Survey, IaaS services, along with cloud monitoring, are amongst the fastest growing segments for IT service providers across the world.

Unigma is designed to help service providers such as MSPs, CSPs, and VARs extend and deepen their offerings into public IaaS clouds. Unigma is built to work with major clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Engine, and features a unified solution to monitor health and costs, and provide internal and external reporting, all from a single pane of glass.

Unigma has also partnered with, and tightly integrates with the service management tools widely used by MSPs today – ConnectWise, Kaseya and Autotask.
“We have been an early adopter of Unigma, Unigma has helped us extend our service and provide our customers the high level of service wherever they choose to operate – on premise, hybrid, or in the cloud”

— Alex Ho, ComputerSupport.com COO

To learn more about the new features and set up Unigma 1.0, please go to the helpcenter.
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