MSP’s Guide To Growth – How Do I Grow?
Thursday, May 26th 2016 by Kirill Bensonoff
So, you started an MSP business? Or maybe you have been running one for the past 10, years. Congrats! (I have been personally involved in the MSP business since 2006 with Now, what does it take to grow? While attending the PropellerFest last week, I overhead one of the many speakers encourage entreprenuers to “just start something, and positive things will start to happen”. I vote for entrepreneurship with both hands, however, this didn’t strike me as a great strategy.

To build on MSP’s Guide To Growth – Changing Everything, I made it a goal to teach other MSPs what I learned over the past years of running an IT company and being involved in software and other ventures. Growth is everything – if your company is growing, your income will follow, as well as the momentum that propels you forward further. But,

How do I grow?

I learned a lot from the University of Life (or the School of Hard Knocks), but some from books also (fav’s are: The Lean Startup, Traction, Built to Sell), and though their intended audience are often startups, I read these long ago and they apply to any business.

Question: How do I grow in a predictable manner, without expanding too much capital resources?
Answer: Marketing! (some call it Inbound Marketing)

However you like to call it, Inbound Marketing is a single most important factor (aside from providing a great product or service, which we all do of course) to growing your business. We all know that managed IT, cloud, professional services, all these are in great demand today. And most of us know that we can sell our own product or service like there is no tomorrow. Just bring us leads, and we will close them.

So, what I am going to talk about is LEADS. How do we use marketing in a capital efficient, effective way to grow. Growth is all about marketing, testing and marketing again. According to Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares (Authors of Traction), these are some of the marketing channels out there today:

PR and Unconventional PR
Search Engine Marketing
Social and Display advertising
Offline advertising
Content marketing
Email marketing
Engineering as Marketing
Business development
Affiliate marketing
Trade shows
Offline events
Community building

In the next chapter, we will deep dive into how we plan the marketing effort, how much to allocate and how to start execution. Stay tuned!
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