5 Things That Will Change Before DattoCon in 2017
Thursday, June 02nd 2016 by Kirill Bensonoff
DattoCon 2016 is easily going to be one of the most important events for Managed Service Providers this year.  Datto is the biggest player in backup/DR space, and the DattoCon event will be visited by the most prominent MSPs. It is easy to see why so many MSPs will come to Dattocon; it provides a networking, education and growth opportunity that not too many other events can offer.

A lot of DattoCon 2016 will be about value, but there are some changes imminent. Some of which will end up affecting the attending MSPs before the next conference. It’s important to keep an eye on these changes so we can prepare ourselves and our business for what’s coming.

1 – Cloudy Weather Expected

Cloud computing has grown exponentially, and this growth will continue. The “Big 3” public clouds grew by an average over 90%.  More companies are using cloud services right now than ever before. Interestingly, IaaS and SaaS are leading the adoption of cloud, and both Unigma and Datto Backupify are well position to address the challenges these technologies bring to the channel.

Backupify is a cloud to cloud backup tool. It provides backups for your SaaS apps such as SalesForce, Office365 and Google Apps. Even the biggest cloud providers can have outages, which is what makes Backupify indispensable. Unigma provides management for AWS, Azure and Google clouds. Companies can monitor cloud usage and performance, get alerts when things go wrong and manage costs.

2 – Software Is Eating Hardware

Software has long been a disruptor for most industries. Even in the world of cloud, SaaS is leading the software revolution. Software options continue to replace on-premise deployments and minimize the need to buy and maintain hardware. This trend is going to continue to accelerate, and we are going to see new and innovative software at DattoCon 2017.

3 – Hyperconvergence

As technology keeps getting better, Hyperconvergence becomes an attractive option. Hyperconvergence rethinks the way we organizations do everything; a single unit instead of a sprawling system, that allows cloud-like modularity while still providing the benefits of speed and control you find only in private servers. Hyperconverged systems include hardware, but are driven by innovative software. Examples of companies that are active in this space are Simplivity and Nutanix.

4 – Private Clouds Going Strong

A lot of predictions were made about the death of private clouds, but they have mostly been proven wrong. Both VMware and OpenStack are growing. MSPs should not be ignoring this trend.

5 – Finding The Right People Still Be A Challenge

The one place where cloud industry is feeling the hurt is in skilled labor. There just aren’t enough people with domain expertise and experience to fulfill the demand. Companies will need to make more investment into training, and costs of hiring and maintaining employees will be higher in 2017.
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