MSPs Guide To Growth - Doing IT By The Numbers
Thursday, June 16th 2016 by Kirill Bensonoff
So you want to grow your managed services business? As I started to talk about in the previous blog post of the MSPs Guide To Growth series, so does everyone else. Well, mostly everyone else, there are some people complacent enough to not want to grow. We can discount those as a competitive non-threat, and you are still left with 90% of IT companies out there that want to expand. According to CompTIA’s 2016 industry outlook, there are over 100,000 channel partners in USA alone. This could mean that as many as 90,000 of them are vying to take business away from you. And no excuses, such as “they are not local” or “our customers are happy and they will never leave us”, this is simply BS. Companies who aren’t local, but have mastered things like hosted virtual desktops, AWS monitoring, Azure monitoring, have opened local offices or use subcontractors for onsite service delivery all have a shot at taking your customers away from you. And customers will always remain customers – they will make decisions which are best for their business, and no matter the relationship you build, they will leave you for a superior or less expensive competitor.

The only way to succeed in this game is to do it by the numbers. You have to bring in more customers then you loose (and, obviously always work hard at retaining and providing the best possible service). And in order to bring in new opportunities using a capital efficient model, you must master the art of Marketing.

I started building Unigma in 2015 and I knew that I needed to master this art in order to succeed. Luckily, I had years of practice – I built an awesome marketing team and process, I knew how to deliver SEO (I will publish proof in subsequent posts), have created winning webinars, used Adwords and Bing Ads and tried most of the viable B2B channels that don’t require 5 digit budgets to test. The greatest thing about building a great Marketing process is that everything you do, every click, conversion, read, social interaction is trackable, and you can constantly improve and perfect your process, and spend money only (or mostly) where it matters most.

So if you get excited about growing, and need a way to start Marketing, lets start with the basics. I have put together a channel testing guide that should be a good starting point in your testing process. This guide will make it easy to jump start the mastery of Marketing and your growth.

Let me explain what you will find once you download the guide.

Channel – this is the channel you are testing
Owner – this could be you, or someone on your team who will be responsible for performing the test
Cost  -how much you can spend on this channel.
Leads – how many leads this channel test generated
Cost/Lead – cost per lead
Customers – how many customers did this channel generate
Cost/Customer – your cost per customer

This looks fairly simple, but there is a lot to it. I will take the opportunity in the next blog post to talk a bit about what are the basics needed to get this going and help you on your way to start testing your marketing strategies. One of the basics lies in the development of a successful website and tips & tricks on how to reach that goal easily.

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