MSPs Guide To Growth - 5 Steps to Successful Social Media Management 2
Monday, August 01st 2016 by Kirill Bensonoff
The previous blog post on Unigma was related to Search Engine Optimization, an important marketing tool that will help you grow your business. On the same note, we continue with a new tips & tricks article, this time focused on Social Media Management, another important marketing strategy that every company should incorporate.

Whether we like it or not, Social Media is a “must do” for any MSP. In B2B (or B2C) communications, Social Media is an easy way to promote your products or services, regardless of the field. When it comes to a Managed Services Providers, it’s important to reach the right target the right way.

Here are some pointers every MSP should consider in your Social Media Strategy.

Create communication pillars and a content calendar

It’s important that you know the most important ideas that you want to share with your audience on Social Media. Before setting up a campaign, have a clear view of your points, what are your communication pillars, and then create a content calendar for that specific purpose. As most Social Media channels have tools for scheduling messages, once you decide, prepare and design your messages, you can also schedule them, giving you time to monitor how they perform and thus engage more with your audience. When it comes to Social Media, engagement is the key.

Relate your content with the latest interests of your audience

Sharing is caring is not just a phrase, it actually describes perfectly the way Social Media works. In order to be successful on Social Media, you need engaging content. Word of Mouth and viral are the best two free ways of building a strong community. As such, try to relate the content you share on your channels with what is getting the attention of your audience. Timely product or service release? A major customer win? Be creative and connect your posts with it. Make it interesting, insightful, amusing maybe, depending on your core business approach, but to gain more, you need to dig deeper and be as creative as possible in designing your content. Stay up to date with the latest trends and use them to their maximum potential.

Choose the right target for your ads. Optimize your campaigns

If you decide to invest in paid advertising on Social Media, you must remember two words: targeting and optimization. Even if the process is simple in most cases, human touch is the one that eventually makes a difference between a great campaign and an average one. Choose your target wisely and pay attention your ads. Look deeper when setting up the campaign and make sure that you choose the right audience: Age, Location, Interest, Passion, Habits, etc. determine the success of your campaign.

Link Me In, Please!

As an MSP, LinkedIn is ideal it for reaching decision makers and other business leads. The advantage of LinkedIn is that besides being a great channel for promoting your latest news and services, it offers a great deal of direct networking opportunities with the decision makers in the companies you wish to build relationships with.

By actively posting on LinkedIn, you will expand your network of clients, peers, partners etc, and make sure your company name is heard. All of this can be done on a budget by using tools we describe in this article.

Use Social Media tools & plugins

Social Media is a meticulous line of business, as you have to be present in as many places as possible: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and others, and this takes a lot of time. Just imagine having to post the same content on all of the platforms! Some software platforms can assist you in your Social Media endeavors. One of them is Hootsuite, which allows you to connect all your social in a single dashboard. When setting up a post, with just a single click, your content can be sent to all of your connected channels. You can add all your channels in the same dashboard so you can share, retweet, like, comment etc.

Another great tool is Social Analytics, a Google Chrome plugin that allows you to see the results of your posts on each channel where it went live: how many shares, how many retweets, likes, or comments. With this plugin, you do not have to check each platform, but you are a single click away from most of the stats you need.

Connect emotionally with your network

An extremely important aspect of Social Media is the human connection. Try your best, in any way possible, to connect emotionally with your network and not to try and do a direct sale. You will have better results, more engagement, and your network will expand due to sharing.

In our next blog post we will go beyond marketing online by moving offline. We will speak of marketing at events and conferences: is it worth it? What are the benefits, and how to do it the right way. Stay tuned!
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