October 2016 New Features Release
Wednesday, October 05th 2016 by Kirill Bensonoff
We have been very busy here building lots of new features and benefits for our IT service providers and IT organizations. We have a lot of news to announce in our October release.

☑ Partner Billing (beta)

Partner Billing is a brand new feature a lot of you have been waiting for. This is a new report type that will allow you to bill for AWS, Azure and Google cloud usage, Using AWS Detailed Billing, Azure Billing API and Google Cloud Billing API to create invoices and send them to your customers. These invoices can be customized according to your needs, you can add custom line items, markups, discounts and a lot more. Partner Billing is available from the Reports screen in the application.

☑ Automation (beta)

Automation is a brand new feature. Today, we are excited to announce a beta release that will enable our partners to save time and automate routine tasks. We are introducing the concept of Tasks and SmartTasks:

Tasks – tasks allow you to manually run a single task, such as reboot, instance scale/resize, instance stop, backup, and more, from a single pane in Unigma. You can also schedule these Tasks to run at a set time, or set a number of them to run in “chained” mode, one after another. Tasks are setup via Task Templates, a lot will be available out of the box and you will be able to create your own.

SmartTasks – these are event driven, improved Tasks, and will be available in 2 weeks. SmartTasks will help further improve how you manage clouds and simplify many common tasks which involve an event or another trigger. These will enable backups with automated deletions, automated reboots, automated VM scaling and more

☑ Cost Savings (beta)

Cost Savings is part of the growing Cost Analytics suite, and enables our partners to right-size instances, terminate unused resource and otherwise save money. We have added a number of rules and improved logic.

☑ Notifications

Notifications are now generally available and enable our partners to get a deeper look at Unigma’s processes. You will see your notifications in the top-right corner after you log in
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