The Advantages of Artificial Intelligence for customer service
Tuesday, October 11th 2016 by Kirill Bensonoff
There was a time when new technology was written off as a fad. People knew that things will keep going on as they always have. Business would stay the same and our daily routine would stay the same.
Then we saw the rise of the internet.

Those of us who are young may not realize this, but the truth is that we didn’t expect the internet to be anywhere as big as it is now. There was a Dot Com Boom when people realized how big the effect of the technology will be. Old companies were upended and there were new billionaires walking around.

We have learnt our lesson – it is never wise to ignore technology.
These days, everyone knows that artificial intelligence is the next frontier. In most of the systems in use today, the human brain is the limiting factor. The more tasks we can assign to A.I., the faster and better things would be. Automation has already reached factories and manufacturing plants. There are entire factories which require no labor – they make the whole product themselves. Automation isn’t artificial intelligence though. Artificial intelligence has just begun to show up in the market and it is already doing wonders for the customer service field. It solves many of the customer service

Artificial Intelligence changes the way we interact with technology
Science fiction movies have warned us about creating artificial intelligence that try to take over humanity, but that isn’t what artificial intelligence is about right now. The goal right now isn’t to create a super computer that can answer any question we put to it (even though IBM’s Watson does fit the bill somewhat). The goal is to allow artificial intelligence to take over tasks which are done by people. We are already seeing the effect artificial intelligence can have on us through our phones. Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Voice Assistant allow you to converse with your phone.

Now if you need to set up an alarm, you don’t have to open the clock app and set the time manually. You just pick up your phone and say “Wake me up in 6 hours” and go to sleep. This fundamentally changes what technology is to us. It allows technology to act as our assistant.

Why Customer Service is a perfect job for A.I.
Customer service is not easy, but delivering good customer service is necessary for any company to have a good relationship with its customers. Customer service is hard because you need to have people to do it. These days, there are many big companies which do not even have customer service representatives. Try finding out who you need to contact if you are having an issue with Gmail or Steam – Google and Valve don’t even bother to have a live chat with a customer representative.

This isn’t just because they are cheap; a big reason is that they have a mind bogglingly high number of customers and it is almost impossible to have enough customer service representatives to provide quick replies to everyone. Instead of making people wait in customer support chat queues, these companies have decided that right now it is just better to make the customers complain through emails that will be answered whenever possible.

A.I. Tools in the market right now
If an A.I. is doing customer support for your company, then by definition, it cannot be overwhelmed. One computer in your office could be helping a thousand different people at once, while a person can only help 3-4 people at the same time. The efficiency is so high that even though the technology is still nascent, there are already companies with mature and tested solutions in the market.

Talla is a fantastic tool. It can be added as an assistant to your company’s Slack, Office 365, or Google solution. Talla isn’t for customer service though; it is for providing assistance to employee. Employees can easily tell it to run errands, answer questions, and perform routine office management tasks. It is a good glimpse of what the future will be like. All the repetitive monotonous tasks will happen automatically and people will be free to focus on the real problems. has been designed especially for MSP’s and ISP’s. It is designed around the way that most MSP and ISP complaints are handled. When you complain to an MSP or an ISP you talk to a customer representative that notes down your problem and passes it on to someone who can fix the issue. generates tickets and talks to your customers. You will start seeing support tickets coming up automatically and you can focus on fixing them while does the rest. It is automation but purely for the customer service industry.

There are many other tools available – the above two were just some that had impressed us recently. It is inevitable that we will end up automating most of the work being done right now. It is too efficient and cost effective for anyone to avoid. Right now, people who call into customer support are suspicious that they are talking to someone working in an outsourced office – in the future, it will be people being suspicious that they are talking to a robot.
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