Save Money in AWS and Azure by Scheduling VM Shutdowns with Unigma Tasks
Wednesday, November 09th 2016 by Kirill Bensonoff
Unigma is proud to present a new blog series on how to use Unigma to help you manage your clouds most effectively. We debut this series with a post on How to Save Money in AWS and Azure by Scheduling VM Shutdowns using the latest Unigma feature called Automation Tasks.

In early October, Unigma implemented a new set of features meant to help its users not only better manage and monitor their cloud accounts, but also save money in AWS and Azure. Among them are Tasks, which can help you automate routine tasks and save you time and money.

How Does It Work?

Let’s assume you do not need a VM during the weekend, but having to remember to log in, shut down, then log in again and bring it back up could be painful. With Automation, you can easily schedule a machine to be turned off at a certain date and time, and also automatically to restart at a later date and time. Everything can be easily done in the Dashboard, with only a few clicks. By Using this tool, you will be able to keep your costs under control by using a VM only when it’s needed.

Other features

Besides VM shutdown, there are a number (and growing!) of other Tasks users can do. Please see this KB article for an up to date list of available Tasks, and if you need more, please request them.


Here is a short video on how to use Tasks.

How to use Unigma Tasks
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