Unigma January 2017 Features
Monday, January 16th 2017 by Kirill Bensonoff
We are very excited to start off 2017 with a release many of you have been waiting for.

☑ Stacks

Stacks is a neat new way to organize and group your resources into a Stack. For example, if your application contains a Load Balancer, 5 VMs, some storage, a database, Stacks will allow you to group them, see them on a single screen, assign monitoring rules and fire automation Tasks and SmartTasks.

Here is a quick video:

☑ Support for Microsoft CSP

We have added support for Microsoft CSP partners. If you don’t yet know what CSP is, you should – Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner program is a 2-tier program for resellers and MSPs, and allows you to purchase Azure and Office365 from Microsoft and resell or bundle it with your other services. CSP uses a different API, and we have added support for it. Support for invoicing CSP and Office365 is coming soon!

☑ Support for Azure EA

We have added support for Microsoft EA agreements. Now you can add your Azure EA subscription to Unigma and allow us to retrieve cost metrics and help you visualize, alert and save money.
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