Wednesday, January 18th 2017 by Kirill Bensonoff
As you probably know, Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP) enables partners to sell cloud services with direct resell, provision, billing, and also to provide support capabilities.

In the Direct CSP model, you own the billing relationship with your customers, this is why:

1. You set the payment terms that are most appropriate for your business and you create the cash flow model you are looking for.

2. You are able to choose the billing systems and software that you use to facilitate your customer billing relationship.

3. You prepare and send invoices to your end customers, and keep receipts of payment.

4. You can bundle in cloud services into your managed services offerings.

Using Azure CSP billing can be challenging, so you need to keep in mind a few important aspects:

Once you choose a billing date (1st – 28th during CSP enrolment), it cannot be updated. Check your billing date displayed on the Partner Center billing page.

Any Usage between the start date of the subscription and the first billing date (for this subscription) will be provided free of charge which is very convenient as you can benefit up to one full month. Moreover, if a subscription is cancelled before its first billing cut, charges will not be applied to your account and also won’t be generated in the reconciliation file. This is vital for Partners who want to perform testing, but do not want to pay for subscription charges during the testing period.

You will receive one invoice each month for the CSP program.

License based subscriptions are billed based on licenses you acquired, not licenses you have actually used.

Azure usage based subscriptions are billed according to the appraised rates, based only on consumption.

Usage based billing rate increases are disclosed 30 days in advance.

Price remains the same through the subscription period. Prices may change at subscription renewal.

Early termination fees are currently not imputable in case of revocation of licensed based services.

Also, if your customer is experiencing a service problem that you can’t solve, and that meets the criteria described here, you can submit a ticket for them. This method is also useful for escalating disputes or billing issues, and for fraud concerns.

As Partner, you should make an account for each of your customers in Partner Center and you can start selling them subscriptions to services in the catalog, assign a role to any of the customer’s users so that they can create and manage resources under their subscription.

Azure CSP

The reconciliation .csv files provide detailed billing information for all your customers and subscriptions. Monthly, you will receive three documents: one invoice, one license based reconciliation file, and one usage based reconciliation file. These two reconciliation files will equal your invoice.

Interfacing with Microsoft’s APIs, Unigma provides Direct CSP customers help tracking customer transactions and bill at scale. It aggregates data of customers’ Azure entitlements, so that you can check and analyze their consumption in between invoices. Unigma will automatically send invoices to your customers, monthly, at separate dates for each client of yours, by following your invoice distribution schedule.

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