Unigma March 2017 Features - Office365, CSP Billing, Cost Insights, Autotask Integration
Wednesday, March 15th 2017 by Kirill Bensonoff

So many of you have been patiently waiting for these features, and they are finally here. Unigma is now one step closer to its’ mission, which is to help make cloud simple. In the March release, we are simplifying billing with these awesome features.

☑ Office365 and CSP Billing

We now support Office365 license-based billing, and all other Microsoft license-based products! You can easily set pricing for all products, per product, per service and lots more. We also have a new, intuitive Billing portal.


☑ Autotask Integration

With the new Billing interface, its easier then ever to push your billing into an Autotask invoice. Integrate and map your accounts, set up billing, and every month, your bills are automatically added to Autotask, with the correct pricing, quantities and discounts.


☑ Cost Insights

With Cost Insights, part of our Cost Analytics offering, you can now slice, dice and report on your and your customers’ cloud utilization, and show your customers where their dollars are going. Coming up, cloud cost forecasting and comparison.

cost insights


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