kaseya aquires unigma
Tuesday, May 09th 2017 by Kirill Bensonoff
When the idea for Unigma was born, I couldn’t predict how far it was going to take us. We started creating what we thought at the time was a product to help managed IT service providers monitor their AWS virtual machine instances. Little did we know, this would only be one of the many use cases the community was ready for.

As with most startups, especially those in the B2B space, it’s not easy to predict where you will end up. I am a strong believer that in order to build a great product, it’s important to do 2 things extremely well –  listen to customers, and iterate based on their feedback. And this is exactly what we have been doing. Thank you all for your feedback!

Throughout this process, we had gotten to know the folks at Kaseya pretty well. I had previously been a Kaseya customer, am very familiar with the VSA product, as well as others. There are other strong industry and personal connections there. We had met with the senior management team a number times, discussed Kaseya’s vision, and how Unigma’s products fit nicely within. Kaseya had been one of the earliest network management companies, with an MSP focus, and had continued to be a leader for many years. Cloud Management was a natural next step for them, and both of us felt that we can create a much better product for our customers by combining forces.

Today, we would like to announce the acquisition of Unigma by the Kaseya team. We feel this is a great day for our combined customers – with combined resources, we will continue to listen, iterate, and build you a great product. Going forward, Unigma will be known as Unigma Cloud Management Suite, and will remain an independent company, with myself continuing as CEO and Product Manager of the Suite.

In the past months, I have talked to hundreds of customers, and learned a lot. I got to understand how difficult it can be to transition to a cloud-first business model. I also learned what kinds of tools can help make this transition easy. Based on these conversations, we are rolling out 3 distinct products within the Unigma Cloud Management Suite:

Cloud Manager – The intuitive Unigma Cloud Manager offers dashboards, policy driven monitoring and automation. Now its easier then even to monitor your AWS, Azure and Google cloud resources, correlate alerts, push them to integration partners and troubleshoot. Automation helps customers save time by automating routine tasks, or creating SmartTasks based on collected metrics.

Cloud Billing Manager – Unigma Billing Manager delivers detailed customer usage reports that allow MSPs to more effectively invoice customers based on individual utilization. By doing so, MSPs can more accurately bill for their services helping to increase monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and profits through the delivery of this managed cloud offering.

Cloud Cost Optimizer – Unigma Cloud Cost Optimizer provides detailed cost insights alongside customized cloud cost savings analysis so users can optimize cloud utilization and improve overall cost management. MSPs can easily visualize cloud spend and get cost savings recommendations for unused and oversized instances to pass on savings to customers.

With these 3 products, we know that IT service providers and IT departments all over the world will be able to monitor, manage, optimize and report on their favorite cloud services – AWS, Azure, Office365 and Google Cloud. Together with Kaseya, we are already working on some exciting integrations, such as BMS, to enable alert to ticket and billing, and with Traverse, to enable hybrid cloud monitoring, which has been a top request.

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Stay tuned for more announcements in the near future, and thanks!
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