How to Automate Billing with Autotask for Microsoft CSPs
Wednesday, June 14th 2017 by Kirill Bensonoff
We have been busy in the past few months developing new ways to simplify the cloud. Amongst the things we recently released is a Cloud Billing Manager, which helps MSPs automate billing with Autotask for Microsoft CSP.  We help MSPs and resellers bill for Office365 products as well as Azure usage-based services.

Office365 Billing & Azure Billing

If you are a CSP and you bill your customers for Office365 or Microsoft Azure usage, Unigma will save you time and make your job easier You can send custom invoices and automate the billing process. We make cloud billing easy, using the 5 step process you can accomplish what previously took a long time to achieve.

1. Set up a new customer
2. Connect your Autotask
3. Configure the customer with billing options
4. Set up the bill
5. Done!

We are offering Unigma Cloud Billing Manager for FREE to MSPs who have 10 customers or less and would like to automate their billing. Request a demo today!


Automate Billing for CSPs
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