Cloud computing can’t be beat when it comes to supporting dynamic client needs in a fully scalable environment. The endless potential capacity and instant upgrade potential are obvious benefits, and the aggressively low (and getting lower) pricing thanks to a highly competitive marketplace means your clients are buying computing power and storage for a fraction of what it cost a few years ago. But just like the industrial-sized mayonnaise jar you bought at Costco and barely used before it expired, companies are overbuying in the cloud all the time. On average companies are wasting 30% of the money they spend on cloud services and nearly half of every VM in the public cloud is abandoned, costing their business money while going unused.

Being “in the cloud” doesn’t mean you automatically are getting the best deal for your customers and – as systems that have migrated to the cloud increase in number and grow in size – companies will be on the lookout for cost savings opportunities that match the cost-savings promise of the cloud. That means MSPs have significant opportunities to save money for their clients at several points in the customer journey.

Before a customer spends a dime on cloud services, many decisions must be made to determine which cloud services providers to choose as well as properly scoping the size and type of product selections.

Instead of guessing what a client might require or assuming that one vendor is cheaper than another, MSPs can get a far more accurate picture of real-world expenses by using Unigma’s cloud calculator to compare prices and estimate what typical expected usage will cost. This enables MSPs to make aggressive yet accurate proposals to customers that illustrate their commitment to lower prices and researching the market on their behalf.

After a customer makes the move to the cloud, MSPs can save their clients thousands of dollars each month by proactively and aggressively managing system configurations and utilization while selecting the best combination of pay-as-you-go and reserved instance computing. Making these market correction adjustments based on usage data and more recent costing information allows for constant tweaking and improvement.

According to Gartner, the trend is for companies to take a multi-vendor approach to cloud services, spreading out applications and workloads over multiple instances and environments based on the specific application needs and how they marry up with the pricing and value proposition of each cloud services vendor’s offering. While this provides Day One savings, as usage shifts and demands change, the real-world impact of these deployments on spending becomes more challenging for an MSP to wrap their arms around.

For an MSP to properly gauge what their clients need and purchase the optimal packages on their behalf, they must understand what’s actually happening for each client. That means visibility into real-time usage and historical data presented in useful and actionable formats.

Unigma’s Cloud Manager is the perfect solution for giving MSPs a comprehensive dashboard of everything happening within their clients’ environments. Not only does Cloud Manager bring insights from multiple cloud services vendors (such as AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure) into a single dashboard, but MSPs can now tie specific events and performance anomalies to their root causes no matter which environment they originate in or impact.

Another tool in managing client workloads is policy-based automation. Setting up rule-driven processes that are kicked off when certain triggers are reached means you’re always optimizing for your clients even when you’re not personally monitoring their usage. Unigma’s Cloud Manager makes the creation of these automation routines simple, as well as scheduling routine tasks and maintenance.

With some savvy planning and a robust tool like Cloud Manager, these processes can be scheduled to take place at optimal times to utilize excess capacity on reserved instances during slower periods vs. forcing clients to churn through pay-as-you-go cycles during peak usage points unnecessarily.

Unigma’s Cloud Cost Optimizer takes cost efficiency to the next level by proactively suggesting cost savings opportunities to MSPs. These precise recommendations take Unigma’s deep knowledge of every pricing option at the leading cloud services providers and evaluate each of your clients’ unique profiles to propose cheaper alternatives that won’t compromise performance, letting you right-size for every customer’s real utilization.

With in-depth analysis and graphical reporting, you’ll have customer-ready visuals to present to clients and demonstrate the value and savings your organization is delivering. Whether it’s an unused database or oversized instance, these actionable tips will save money and deliver increased value.

We all know the cloud has tons of potential to save customers money while improving their performance, scalability and flexibility, but what separates MSPs from the pack is their ability to illustrate ongoing value to clients that goes beyond basic babysitting and putting out fires.

Show your strength as a strategic partner that is committed to continually improving the performance and profitability of their customer base by leveraging Unigma’s suite of cloud management solutions. Request a demo today to find out how you can get a better understanding of cloud workload costs and start taking action to manage and reduce them.

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