MSP time for change
Tuesday, May 10th 2016 by Kirill Bensonoff
A series of events ocurred to me, which in turn caused this and subsequent articles. These events, insignificant on their own, amounted to a personal paradigm shift. So much so, that I had to take the proverbial pen out and share. Here goes:

1. I was at Kaseya Connect in Carlsbad, CA, which had over 500 Managed IT Service providers present. As I was speaking to many of them, I was hearing the same message, and I was growing worried. What was that message? I was asking “are you moving your customers to the cloud, do you have a managed cloud services practice?”, and I was hearing “no, no no” over and over again, and only an occasional “yes”. Scary, right? Read on.

2. I got about halfway through reading Traction: A Startup Guide To Getting Customers. I realized that this book should be required reading not only for every entrepreneur, MSP owner, or anyone running a small business.

3. I was sold on Gary Vaynerchuk the first time I saw him speak at EO Nerve. Not because he told me things I didn’t yet know, but because he was funny and he wasn’t afraid to swear on stage in front of over 2000 entrepreneurs. Gary (aka GaryVee) has been gaining notoriety for years. If you don’t know him yet, look him up (he just wrote a book). However, I felt GaryVee has been losing his edge lately, and I expressed my frustration on Twitter, after having a few cocktails. Here is what ensued:

And then, when I woke the next morning and checked my phone, I saw a reply from Gary, along with some retweets. Oh-oh, thought I, did I start a social shit-storm? A few hours later I looked at his message, fully expecting to hear expletives directed at me. What I heard made me appreciate his social savvy even more:

4. A few days later my lovely wife and I were on a road trip, and I told her about the incident. Coincendetally, she said, take a listen to Rich Roll’s podcoast, where Gary was a recent guest. We both listened for over an hour, while our three year old slept in the back seat.

This was the “a-ha” moment for me, and the realization that there are so many things that MSP entrepreneurs are missing. Every one of these businesses owners that I have spoken with desperately wants to grow, but doesn’t know how. And here is where I feel that I can add my value – after 10 years in the industry, involvement in sales, marketing and operations, building a profitable, national IT services practice, its time to give back.

I am going to spend 2016 writing 3-4 blog posts per month, talking to other business owners about marketing, technology, working smarter (and harder) and growing your companies. Stay tuned for the next chapter, and in the words of Rich Roll, hopefully this will inspire you to change one thing – everything. Here is the next chapter – How Do I Grow?
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