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Beautiful Dashboards

Designed with love, easily correlate events with performance metrics.
Share dashboards with your customers and your team.

  • Make troubleshooting and analyses a breeze by viewing metrics
    from multiple clouds, customers and services on one dashboard
  • Analyze and compare performance across AWS and Azure
    to recommend the best performance options to your customers

Multi Cloud

View metrics from AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, in a single pane of glass

  • Easily view and correlate metrics from multiple clouds, different customers and different cloud services on the same Graph
  • Gain visibility into performance metrics and correlate alerts, make troubleshooting a breeze
  • View and get alerted on cost metrics so that your customers don’t exceed their budgets


Create beautiful Customer and Internal reports in seconds

  • Send branded reports to your customers
  • Create reports for internal metrics
  • See Infrastructure and Alert information
  • Keep customers up to date on their environment and your work
  • Bill for Cloud Usage

Multi Tenant

Add unlimited numbers of customers and invite them to log in

  • Customer can view the Dashboards you choose to share with them.
  • Create accounts for your technicians and engineers.
  • Add as many customers as you want,
    with as many different cloud accounts as you need

Policy Driven Monitoring

Create policy to monitor, alert and escalate.

  • Monitor in 1 or 5 minute increments
  • Send email alerts, or automatically open and close tickets
    in Autotask, ConnnectWise and Kaseya Service Desk
  • Close alerts automatically when threshold clears
  • Escalate alerts that haven’t been picked up
    or cleared within a certain time

White Label

Choose your own domain, upload a logo and use your own email server to communicate with your customers

  • When you sign up, choose your own subdomain
  • Upload your logo and use your own email server.
  • All of the reports have your logo, and the emails and alerts
    come from your company’s email account.

Platform Monitoring

Monitor and alert on the health of any cloud service


Automatically open and close tickets in ConnectWise, Autotask and Kaseya Service Desk

Kaseya integration Autotask integration ConnectWise integration

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