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Unigma LLC (Unigma) understands the importance of data security, and we take it seriously. We have instituted an extensive system of robust security practices to ensure your data security.

Unigma uses highly available environments, runs on CloudFoundry and is hosted in Pivotal Web Services (PWS) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). PWS is deployed in AWS, thus AWS compliance and security will be discussed in depth in this document.

Unigma is a partner of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google.

Please read more about PWS security and AWS security by following these links.
Data encryption

Unigma utilizes advanced and industry standard encryption techniques. All data transmitted to and from Unigma is encrypted.
Access Controls

Unigma adheres to policy of “least privileged access”. Employees only access the minimum amount of data required in connection to performing their jobs and duties.

Unigma’s policies fulfill the requirements of HIPAA and HITECH. We sign a BAA agreement with customers who require it.
Vulnerability Testing

Unigma’s conducts multi-level vulnerability testing using industry standard tools at least 4 times per year. Any threats are remediated in a timely manner.
Vulnerability Reporting

Unigma’s employs an active vulnerability reporting program. Please click here to report any vulnerability.
Secure Datacenters

Unigma’s datacenters are PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 27001, 27017, 27018 compliant. More info on datacenter compliance here.
Customer Data

Unigma will not review, share, distribute, or reference any such Customer Data except as provided in the Terms and Conditions Agreement, or as may be required by law. Unigma may access Customer Data only for the purposes of providing the services, preventing or addressing service or technical problems, at a Customer’s request in connection with customer support matters, or as may be required by law.
Confidential Information

“Confidential Information” means all information disclosed by a Customer to Unigma, orally or in writing, that is designated as confidential by the Customer. Confidential Information includes all data collected by Unigma while accessing Customer account through the use of Customer provided credentials and/or received while in the act of performing Unigma’s services. It doesn’t include any information that is or becomes publicly available, was known to Unigma prior to the effective start date of services, received from another party and/or independently developed by Ungima. Unigma will use the same reasonable degree of care to protect Customer Confidential Information as it uses to protect its’ own information of like kind. Except as otherwise noted or authorized, Unigma will limit access to Confidential Information to its employees or contractors who 1) need to access this data in accordance with Terms and Conditions agreement and in connection with performing their regular job activities and 2) have signed a confidentiality agreement with Unigma.