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Azure Management: Unified Management Platform for Azure

Our integrated system allows you to fully manage your Microsoft Azure accounts by using one easy monitoring tool.

  • Cloud cost analytics including recommendations and forecasts
  • Complex reports including estimated costs evolution & distribution
  • Performance optimization
  • Optional NOC service


Automate Microsoft Azure and save time

  • Execute operations without logging into Azure cloud control panel
  • Set up Tasks to run one after another
  • Schedule tasks for any Azure resource
  • Save time by automating with Smart tasks

Manage multiple Azure accounts, customers and projects

  • Display Microsoft Azure inventory
  • Manage many Azure accounts
  • Control multiple Azure services
  • Organize in real time

Configure Your Own Alerts & Policies

  • Manage Azure and other clouds using a single pane of glass
  • Intuitive, SaaS based management
  • Ability to configure alerts and policies for your Azure account
  • Manage budgets and control your Azure costs

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