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Unified Cloud Monitoring From a Single Pane

Monitor Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure using one tool.

  • View VMs, storage, DBs and more in a single pane.
  • Quickly and easily search for your customer’s resources.
  • Compare performance across customers,
    clouds and resources to quickly identify performance issues.

Cost Management

  • Get alerts for your customers’ cost metrics across different clouds
  • Visualize your customers’ cloud spend
  • Make informed decisions about budgets and control spend


Policy Driven Alerting

  • Create a monitoring policy in 2 easy steps, and apply it to a single
    or multiple resources, customers, or clouds.
  • Get low–noise notifications or create tickets in your favorite PSA tool.
  • Escalate tickets when they aren’t resolved on time,
    or close them if the threshold clears.
  • Policies are applied as new resources are added.

Built for Dynamic Environments

Unigma is purpose built for monitoring elastic cloud environments where
resources turn on and ofl quickly.

You can start monitoring in 4 quick steps:

  1. Add a new customer
  2. Add their cloud(s)
  3. Discovery happens automatically
  4. Monitoring policy is applied


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API Driven Monitoring

There is never a need to install an agent or a probe anywhere.
All monitoring happens via API with the following increments

  • icon_amazon AWS – 5 minute increments for all resources by default,
        and 1 minute increments for RDS.
        Enable Detailed CloudWatch for 1 minute increments across most     resources.
  • icon_azure Azure – 5 minute increments across all resources
  • icon_gcloud Google Cloud – 5 minute increments across all resources

White Labeled

Unigma was created for MSP and IT service providers,
and we strive to make the tool your own.

  • When you sign up, choose your own subdomain
  • Upload your logo and use your own email server.
  • All of the reports have your logo, and the emails and alerts
    come from your company’s email account.

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